We take a look at the best vape tanks on the vaping market.

Tanks F.A.Q.

What is a drip tank vape?

Well, it is still vaping regular e-Juice, but instead of filling up a cart, carto, or clearo, you instead ‘drip‘ a few drops of precious e-Liquid directly onto the coil or bridge of an atomizer, and then puff away.

What is an RDA tank?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Inside, you will find negative and positive connection points where the coil is inserted. You put a wick through your coil, saturate it with juice, then the top cap mounts, and you’re vaping. It’s pretty simple, but the designs are endless.

What is a Mouth to Lung (or MTL) vaping tank?

Mouth to lung or MTL tanks, are e-cigarette tanks with restricted airflow simulating more traditional smoking. Vaping this way can increase flavour production as opposed to open airflow sub-ohm tanks. Mouth to lung vaping is also ideal for use on the go as they typically require minimal wattage giving you much longer battery life and produce significantly less vapour than open airflow tanks.